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USA Vs Panama : A Powerful Penalty Shootout 2023


For the first time since 2015, the United States would not be in the Gold Cup final as they lost to Panama in a penalty shootout after a 1–1 draw.

Forced to play through extra time and a penalty shootout for the second time in a row in only three days, tired legs dominated as the game progressed. Jesus Ferreira’s dramatic 105th-minute goal equalized after canceling out Ian Anderson’s headed goal, but it was not enough to get them over.

Using a backup roster after the starting players completed their national team duties through the Nations League a few weeks earlier, interim head coach BJ Callaghan saw his team put up another poor showing. He had a poor performance in the quarter-finals against Canada, as Matt Turner saved him in the penalty shootout, but this time he would not survive.

In the penalty shootout, Matt Turner saved once from Christian Martínez, but both Jesus Ferreira and Christian Roldán had their efforts blocked by Orlando Mosquera to put Panama ahead.

With the win, Panama advanced to the finals for the first time since 2005 and had a chance to win the CONCACAF tournament for the first time in history.

Sporting News followed the USA vs Panama match live, providing score updates, commentary and highlights.

USA vs Panama final score

 Score (AET)Goal scorers
USA1Ferreira (105′)
Panama1I.Anderson (99′)

USA VS Panama Penalty Shootout:

USA VS Panama Match Score for Semi Final Match 13 July 2023.

USA VS Panama

Starting lineup:

Panama (3-4-3, R L): 22. Mosquera (GK) – 4. Escobar, 3. Cummings, 16. Andrade – 10. Barcenas, 8. Carrasquilla, 20. Godoy (Welch, 102′), 15. Davis (I. Anderson, 90+1′) – 17. Fajardo (C. Martinez, 80′), 19. Quintero (Waterman, 80′), 11. Diaz.

USA (4-3-3, R L): 1. Turner (GK) – 5. Reynolds (Yedlin, 63′), 12. M. Robinson, 3. Long (Miazza, 73′), 15. D. Jones (Tolkien, 104′) – 6. Busio (Gressel, 104′), 8. Sands, 14. Mihailovic – 9. Ferreira, 19. Vazquez (J. Morris, 73′), 11. Cowell (Roldan, 63′ ).

Analysis after the USA vs Panama match

The USMNT was not entitled to advance to the Gold Cup Finals.

Frankly speaking, the United States did not play well enough to win the game, and the better team advanced to the Gold Cup finals. On Sunday, the US could point to several areas in which they outclassed Canada, but today, it was hard to find a single aspect of the game in which they dominated.

Even though the US began to control the bulk of the game in the second half, their performance in the third half fell well short of expectations. By the time Jesus Ferreira finally produced a moment of magic, the damage was already done at the other end.

The US had the most possession in the Gold Cup before the match, but managed only 36 percent in the first half and 44 percent throughout the match. Panama outscored them 579–427 and hit only three of their 14 shots. It was a waste in the purest sense and Panama deserved it.

James Sands best performer at USMNT Gold Cup, Jesus Ferreira impresses too

With the exception of Matt Turner, not many players on the US team could really claim to be in the first-choice picture for him. One of those guys who impressed throughout was James Sands, but eventually saw his performance decline as he (and everyone else) ran out of gas.

Sands was exceptional as No. 6, calming possession and setting a tackling clinic. Against Panama, he won six of his seven ground duels and drew four fouls, while hitting six of his 10 long balls and throwing 18 passes in the final third.

While the U.S. Filled out in midfield at the top of the depth chart, Sands has positioned himself for a backup role behind Tyler Adams. If Adams goes down Younes Musah will still be a likely candidate to break back into that spot, but Sands is now firmly in the midfield conversation with players like Luca de la Torre and Johnny Cardoso.

Jesus Ferreira was also outstanding throughout the competition. His hat-trick against the Caribbean minnows was impressive and also showed abilities in a number of positions, adding a goal of the highest quality in this losing effort.

USA vs Panama Live Updates, Highlights, Commentary

Penalty shootout: USA 4-5 Panama

Round 6:

USA: Christian Roldan is now in the US. Ready for and it’s saved! Oh no, US One is in the pit, as Orlando Mosquera guesses right and blocks Roldan’s low shot to the left!

Panama: Adalberto Carrasquilla could have won it for Panama, and he scored! Panama reaches the Gold Cup final!

Round 5:

USA: Matt Miazga steps up and scores! It’s a complete ripper, which is recessed in the upper right corner. Orlando Mosquera’s guess was wrong, but he couldn’t save it either way.

Drama! Matt Miazga cuts off the next taker and gets in the way of his walkup, and the Panama bench loses its mind! The referee doesn’t see it!

Panama: Cecilio Waterman finally gets his chance to take a penalty after a foul, and he scores! He sends Matt Turner the wrong way and turns it around the corner. We are going into an era of sudden death!

Round 4:

USA: Julien Greusel scores! Picks up the net on the right and breaks it down, Orlando Mosquera goes the wrong way.

Panama: Edgar Barcenas scores! It’s a cheeky take, and Turner knows he’s gone the wrong way immediately, with the ball rolling in slow motion into the middle of the net.


Round 3:

USA: Jordan Morris in for USMNT now and he scores! Orlando Mosquera does a lot of dancing before he gets the guess right, but Morris lands it right in the top-right corner.

Panama: Christian Martinez saves it by Matt Turner! Martinez takes a stutter and completely fails it, it’s a truly terrifying penalty that Turner does his best to stop! We’re on the level!

Second Round:

USA: It’s up to Djordje Mihailovic while the US is trailing, and he scores! Orlando sends Mosquera down the wrong path.

Panama: After a long wait, Ismael Diaz finally steps up for Panama and scores! Matt Turner goes the wrong way and Diaz hits it to the left side of the receiver.

round 1:

USA: Jesus Ferreira steps up to take the first penalty of the shootout…and it’s saved by Orlando Mosquera! It’s not a terrible penalty, but Mosquera guessed it right and swung to his right to stop!

Panama: Fidel Escobar scores! Right in the middle, and Turner can’t hold his ground or redirect his body.

End of extra time: USA 1-1 Panama

We’re going to a second straight penalty shootout! Matt Turner, you have it! In the shootout, the US will take first place and Panama will take second place.

During the coin toss, Turner plays some pranks with Harold Cummings, which is part of the mind game. It appears that Turner may have been upset by the coin toss, but it is unclear what happened.

MORE: A look back at Matt Turner’s career record for saving penalties before a penalty shootout.

USA vs Panama: extra time 2 hours

USA vs Pananma 120th minute: Only one minute of extra time is shown, which is a bit strange considering Ferreira was down for at least two minutes. The referee has to silence the touchline as soon as the ball goes out of play near midfield.

USA vs Pananma 119th minute: Ferreira is able to walk on his own strength, refusing a stretcher. America has removed one person from the post for the time being, but it seems that he is preparing to come back soon.

Matt Turner has to make another save, his fourth, as Ian Anderson takes a shot through the center with the outside of his foot, but it hits right over the American goalkeeper, who makes no mistake of lofting the ball. Ferreira is back now.

USA vs Pananma 117th minute: Jesus Ferreira is now moaning in obvious pain, holding on to the back of his leg. Stretcher comes out, and that could be problematic for America as well. Not only will he be forced to go down a man for the final minutes, but Ferreira is an obvious candidate to take a penalty in a potential shootout.

During Ferreira’s treatment, an announcement was made at Snapdragon Stadium as a warning to fans against discriminatory chants.

USA vs Pananma 115th minute: It’s a complete mess. Neither side can maintain possession, as tired feet eat away at both teams. John Tolkien fouled Christian Martínez on the touchline right in front of Panama’s head coach Thomas Christiansen, who was screaming for a yellow card, but no card was shown. There have been only two bookings from the Guatemalan referee Walter López.

USA vs Pananma 112th minute: The United States may be in trouble as Djordje Mihailovic is limping badly but the United States are out of substitutions. The game is currently in progress.

USA vs Pananma 109th minute: Chance, Panama! Matt Turner saves a shot from deep relatively easily, but it’s another warning shot from Panama, who finds an open eye on goal. Matt Miazga hasn’t been good since coming off the bench, and he lost his man again.

USA vs Pananma Kickoff: The Snapdragon Stadium buzzes as the second half of overtime begins. America is probably feeling the blood here as Panama struggles with the onslaught of Ferreira’s goal.

USA vs Panama: extra time 1 hour

USA VS Panama Match Score for Semi Final Match 13 July 2023.

USA vs Pananma 105th minute: Goal! America! Jesus Ferreira equalizes for USA from nowhere! What an ending!!

A long ball at the top of the penalty area reaches Jordan Morris, who heads it past Ferreira on the far side of the goal. He somehow moves his body around the ball and lofts the ball brilliantly past Orlando Mosquera.

What an amazing goal, and just in time! US gets the extra-time equalizer for the second game in a row!

USA vs Pananma 101st minute: Anibal Godoy is shown the yellow card for hacking down James Sands with a dangerous, two-footed challenge. Godoy was immediately benched for Jovani Welch.

The American players are looking disappointed. BJ Callaghan brings in John Tolkien for Dajuan Jones, as well as Julian Greusel for Gianluca Busio.

USA vs Pananma 99th minute: Goal! Panama! The guests are in front and America may be out! Ivan Anderson off the bench put Panama ahead after beating Matt Turner, who had to come off goal and try to challenge outside the penalty area!

The American players are crying out for offside, but no, DeAndre Yedlin can’t keep his shape on the far side and plays Anderson. It’s actually the US Key has an embarrassing position defending from the back line – Matt Miazga unnecessarily moves forward a lot, and this allows Anderson a free look at the attacking third.

USA vs Pananma 97th minute: Chance, USA! Jesus Ferreira has an open header but puts it straight at the keeper! A cross from Gianluca Busio on the wing reaches the American striker’s head, but his redirect goes straight into Orlando Mosquera’s bread basket.

USA vs Pananma 96th minute: Panama is starting to take control of the match in extra time and the pressure is mounting on the US. US Ready to make his final change of the match, being lined up on the touchline.

USA vs Pananma 92nd minute: Gianluca Busio hits a shot from the top of the penalty area but slips on the makeshift sod and dodges a Panamanian defender in the process, prompting a foul whistle. No card as Busio had no intention there and served, but a good American opportunity was wasted.

USA vs Pananma Kickoff: Fatigue is a factor for the US here, and it would be surprising not to see Panama go into the US with tired legs.

End of regulation: USA 0-0 Panama

For the first time in Gold Cup history, the U.S. back-to-back matches, and they come just three days apart. In fact, it is the first time that they have reached extra time twice in the same tournament.

Overall, Panama would probably consider itself more unlucky not to get a winner, as overall the US didn’t have many chances. There’s a winner out there, we’ll see if either side can snatch it.

USA vs Panama: Second Half

USA vs Pananma 90+7 minutes: DeAndre Yedlin wins a foul in a dangerous position, in what is arguably the last of regulation. Djordje Mihailovic and Gianluca Busio stand over the set-piece… It’s up to Mihailovic to take it, and the delivery is poor, failing to reach the lump of the blue shirt and being cleared easily.

USA vs Pananma 90+3 min: Chance, Panama! A fierce scramble for a corner for Panama and they put the ball in the back of the net! There are a few things to check…first, the flag is for the off side, which is correct. However, the second, Panamanian player is shouting at Djordje Mihailovic for a handball. It would turn out to be a very unfortunate penalty, as Mihailovic knew absolutely nothing about it, leaping up to see the ball go off the attacker’s head and almost cut his arm. It is also difficult to confirm that the ball definitely hit him behind, on his arm.

Yes, it is an unnatural position, but it did not benefit Panama at all. Ultimately, VAR ruled that the offside nullified any discussion about the handball, and the U.S. survives unscathed.

USA vs Pananma 89th minute: Djordje Mihailovic won a corner and took the delivery, a fizzed ball that was viciously sent into the mixer, and while the initial feed was clearly going, it was only up to Mat Mijaga to not make it back. But whip his body around for a shot with a higher level of difficulty, and he sends it to the moon. Not the right decision.

At least five extra minutes are shown, but it will be more than that as Eric Davies is down and requires treatment, being stretchered off and replaced by Ivan Anderson.

85th min: The game has a bit of momentum back with both sides making an impact. Miles Robinson made a brilliant interception when Ismael Diaz was on the break, and then Jesus Ferreira could barely reach the feed in the penalty area.

Now Robinson fouled a Panamanian player on the counter and was somehow not yellow carded despite heavy protests from Panama. Okay, now it’s done…the first booking of the game for both sides, a very late show by Walter Lopez after a long conversation between them. Strange refereeing, but the right decision.

79th minute: Panama finally make their first two changes as Cecilio Waterman and Christian Martinez enter in a 4-3-3 formation in place of Alberto Quintero and Jose Fajardo. The 3-CB formation worked for most of the game, but now they have the U.S. It has been changed to counter this. They immediately apply pressure up the field to pressure the American defense on the ball.

71st min: Our second half hydration break has come, and it has given the Panamanian players a chance to breathe. The US submarines have been impressive and have turned the tide in their favor and pushed back Panama.

After a hydration break, BJ Callaghan made two more changes, bringing in Matt Miazzaga for Aaron Long, while Jordan Morris came in for Brandon Vazquez. It will likely put Jesus Ferreira front center. Panama’s head coach Thomas Christiansen has yet to make a replacement.

65th minute: CHANCE, USA! Ferreira just wide! A brilliant chance that is crafted from end to end, and ends as DeAndre Yedlin’s diagonal cutback finds Jesus Ferreira at the top of the penalty area. His long-range shot almost reaches the inside of the far post, but it goes painfully wide. Beat the goalkeeper, beat the post! So close to the opening goal.

62nd minute: Now U.S. Has two good looks but can’t get either of them to give a shot. Jesus Ferreira produced a silky touch to stop Brandon Vazquez, but it was too strong, and then moments later Vazquez was fouled at the top of the penalty area after his diagonal delivery was fouled on the right flank. was killed On both the occasions the idea is right but the implementation is wrong.

BJ Callaghan makes the first substitution for both sides tonight, bringing on Christian Roldan for Cade Cowell, and DeAndre Yedlin for Brian Reynolds. Both the replacement players ran well tonight, which was a tough challenge after a tough match three days ago.

60th minute: Panama has a dangerous opportunity in the US penalty area, but the defense does enough to block and clear a shot. The cross came in from Panama’s left this time, with Reynolds covering his man but no one to help with the overload.

53rd minute: Chance, Panama! What a savior Matt Turner! That keeps the game scoreless! It’s a free header for Saturday’s hat-trick hero Ismael Diaz, who lofts it down the ground beautifully. The ball bounces and looks to beat the goalkeeper, but Turner reacts too fast to make the save! After Sunday’s heroics in the penalty shootout, the guy’s at it again!

52nd min: CHANCE, USA! Finally a creative move from America and it comes via Cade Cowell! He has the option of cutting centrally but he goes vertical before cutting back to Brendan Vazquez, but his short delivery is awkward and Vazquez pulls it away.

The wingers changed sides at the half, with Cade Cowell coming in to help Brian Reynolds defensively. There’s Jesus Ferreira on the left wing, which isn’t exactly his best position. Maybe we bj Callaghan will see changes around the hour mark –

50th minute: DeJuan Jones is down at the top of the penalty area and screams for a call, but the official clears it away.

Matt Miazga is off the bench receiving instructions from the coaching staff, but Aaron Long has re-entered the field for now. Miazga was also apparently doing extensive warm-ups at half time, according to the Fox broadcast, so he may be ready to come either way.

47th minute: Chance, Panama! The American back line is beaten again, as Jose Fajardo is threaded down by a superb feed from the right, but Aaron Long makes a brilliant recovery to fend off a chance at the death, as Matt Turner charges .

Long is unconscious after the play and is undergoing treatment. US is already very weak, and Matt Mijaga will be the only available replacement, with Jalen Neal also out with one inning to go.

KICKOFF: The second half is underway, and the US needs to step up like they did three days ago against Canada. BJ Callaghan made no personnel changes for that match at the break, and did not today as play resumed in San Diego.

Today, he needs to resolve the issues of flooding wide swaths of Panama and blowing the American midfield out of shape.

Halftime: USA 0-0 Panama

It wasn’t quite as slow as the first half against Canada on Sunday, but it certainly was close. Panama targeted the American full-backs in the opening 20 minutes, and then as the half drew to a close, began to slide passes straight down the field, both of which were very impressive.

The US could not keep possession of the ball consistently enough to create enough opportunities to make an impact in front of the Panama net.

The score remained tied until half time, but it looked as if Panama would eventually score if this continued.

USA vs Panama: First Half

43 min: Oh my god, America is in a complete mess right now. James Sands missed a tackle for the first time in this tournament, and Panama broke right through the American defense. Matt Turner clearly comes off his line to punch, but doesn’t get good contact, and the US does enough to prevent Panama from putting the ball into an open net. It is getting complicated.

40th minute: Panama almost gets another shot on frame as another diagonal cutback from the left almost finds Panama in front once again, but Gianluca Busio presses hard enough that no shot is taken. Busio has to be careful, because he tied up the man, and although it’s not a penalty nor a whistle, he doesn’t want to give the referee anything to think about.

34th minute: The US move into the Panama penalty area for the first time, but Jesus Ferreira can’t handle a long ball, instead lofting it into the air into no-man’s land with no one left in play. Disappointing end to that build.

There is eerie calm around Snapdragon Stadium as American fans struggle to get themselves into the flow of this somewhat disjointed, awkward back-and-forth game.

28th minute: Chance, Panama! Edgar Barcenas has the ball in the back of the net, but it is ruled offside! The call is correct, and confirmed by replays, just ducking over the shoulder past his defender. US Line immediately raised his hand, but it was the U.S. A nervous moment for Aaron Long has struggled so far ahead of Miles Robinson.

Hydration breaks as both sides move towards the touchline for relief.

26th minute: James Sands pulls off another brilliant tackle, this time dislodging Adalberto Carrasquilla in the attacking half and stopping the Panamanian counter. He has been by far the best American player in the entire tournament.

22nd minute: Chance, Panama! He got another fine effort into Matt Turner’s area as José Fajardo connected his head to a speculative lateral cross and placed it just over the crossbar. The situation there is not bad and Panama is proving to be a bit dangerous.

20th minute: Djordje Mihailovic is tackled at the back and, shadowed on the left of centre, wins a free-kick for the US from a dangerous position from around 27 yards. Gianluca Busio takes, but his looped delivery into the mixer is not long enough, and is instead cleared by Fidel Escobar under little American pressure.

2th minute: Chance, Panama! The guests finally make a dangerous attack from their possession, this time down the right, and Ismael Diaz lofts a cross over the threshold of the door. Matt Turner intercepted the cross and cleared it out of danger, which was important because if Turner had not been there, a Panamanian attacker would have been there to stop it.

10 min: Panama have done well to keep possession of the ball in the early stages of this match, combining with one-touch passing to keep the US off the ball. They are mostly trying to move forward on the flanks, but haven’t been able to break into the attacking third so far. The US defense kept the ball well in front of them.

6th minute: Chance, USA! Cade Cowell dodged defenders as if they weren’t there, but somehow managed to get a shot off before his chances were thwarted by the Panamanian defence. How did he not pull the trigger there?? The flag was raised at the end of the game, but replays showed it was upside down.

5 min: Fox Sideline host Jenny Taft reports that Alex Zendejas is unavailable tonight due to a calf injury, further dimming America’s chances for this semifinal. Aidan Morris is not with the team, and Jalen Neill suffered an injury against Canada, reducing the US’ 23-man roster to three players. This does not include Alan Sonora who was replaced after the group stage due to an injury to Jackson Uille.

2nd minute: This match is a track meet! Panama loses on a counter that requires the intervention of James Sands for the last effort, and then the US goes back the other way, where Djordje Mihailovic almost finds a chance wide, but the effort on the counterattack goes over the top. But out of his reach. Six yard box.

1st minute: Chance, USA! Wow! Leaping straight in, Brandon Vazquez won the ball high enough, and he passed it to Cade Cowell at the top of the penalty area, who hit the post! Wake up, everyone, here we go!

Kickoff: The semifinal between the US and Panama is underway at the Snapdragon Stadium! Let’s see how quickly the US can extricate themselves from the trap of an emotionally and physically tense match against Canada with less than 72 hours to go, or whether it has any effect on them.

Brandon Vazquez found a bigger target in Cincinnati, where he plays, and now he’s starting in his hometown of San Diego in front of a capacity of 32,000 – it’s expected to be a capacity crowd, but the stadium is only half full so far. Has happened.

USA vs Panama: Pre-match commentary, analysis, stats and more

USA VS Panama Match Score for Semi Final Match 13 July 2023.

5 minutes to kick off: The Fox broadcast said that Jalen Neal suffered a groin injury late in the quarterfinal match against Canada, which is why he didn’t start today, and it looks like he’ll be coming off the bench. will not be available. It’s still interesting that Aaron Long was selected over Matt Miazga, but recovery may have had something to do with it.

15 minutes to kick off: Gianluca Busio put in a really eye-catching performance against Canada on Sunday. His first half was very bad, which I told about on social media. By the end of 120 minutes, I had to agree, as he was one of the top American performers.

Busio was sloppy in the first half, missing easy passes and giving away possession cheaply. He recorded 51/60 passing, three successful crosses, eight big shots, won 8/14 ground duels, won 3/5 aerial duels, and drew six huge fouls. He made the best Gold Cup XI for the quarter-finals! (Laughs @Matt Turner being put out). For today, he needs to put in more effort in the second half and put the first half against Canada behind him.

30 minutes to kick-off: With Brandon Vazquez making his tournament debut tonight, the U.S. has now used 22 different starters this Gold Cup. The only player in the original roster not to start a game is goalkeeper Gaga Slonina (Jaxon Uille, who was included as an injury replacement after the group stage, also did not start a game).

The record for the US at the Gold Cup is 27 in 2017, but that number will be extremely difficult to break under current roster rules that limit the list to just 23 players. The full 23-man roster would be needed to start the match, as well as four injury replacements, which is unrealistic.

44 minutes to kick off: Cade Cowell makes his second start in this summer’s tournament, making him the fourth youngest player in USMNT history to start a Gold Cup knockout match (behind Jorge Bello and Gianluca Busio in 2011 and leader , after Juan Agudelo). 2011). He has been excellent off the bench, but it was more so in his only start against St Kitts & Nevis as teammates around him troubled the Caribbean giants.

Cowell is a kid with a bright future and wants to play in Europe. He spoke with The Sporting News ahead of the group stage final in Charlotte, in which he would score his first international goal off the bench.

52 minutes to kick-off: Panama have announced an unchanged lineup following their loss to Gold Cup invitees Qatar in the quarterfinals, including hat-trick hero Ismael Diaz. His triple came in the space of nine minutes, shortly after the halftime break, and it would be up to Brian Reynolds to stop him on Panama’s left wing.

1 hour 5 minutes to kick-off: The USMNT lineup is out, and interim head coach BJ Callaghan has some interesting things to say. They have chosen to start Aaron Long at centre-back ahead of both Matt Miazga and Jalen Neal, both of whom played in the emphatic quarterfinal three days ago.

Additionally, Brandon Vazquez starts at the number 9 spot, while Jesus Ferreira is also on the team sheet in the absence of a second natural winger, meaning Ferreira will move out in front of Cade Cowell.

1 hour 15 minutes to kick-off: A transfer rumor to Europe has begun for US striker Brandon Vazquez, and he didn’t shy away when asked what his ambitions are. He has been linked with a move to German club Borussia Mönchengladbach, but reports describe transfer discussions as “complicated”.

He can continue to lead his side to success in the Gold Cup with consistent performances, whether from the start or off the bench.

1 hour 30 minutes to kick off: The USMNT will wear their blue jersey for tonight’s match in San Diego, this is their kit for the third match in a row. He has donned the white only once in this Gold Cup, against St Kitts and Nevis in the group stage.

1hr 45min to kick off: The US and Panama are extremely familiar with each other, having matched up 25 times in the past 19 years. The USMNT has only seen more of its main rivals, Mexico.

They are also regular rivals in the Gold Cup, meeting in every Gold Cup but once since 2007, only not playing in 2021. Panama has won only once in regulation against the US in the Gold Cup, back in the group stage play-off in 2011. However, he did top the US in the third-place game on penalties in 2015 after a 1–1 draw.

2 hours into kickoff: While this fringe USMNT roster competes for the Gold Cup, first-team star Christian Pulisic has completed the move to AC Milan. Although it has yet to be officially announced by the club, it was hinted by Milan’s social media accounts yesterday, and Pulisic was seen signing autographs for Milan fans after completing his medical. It’s basically a done deal!

Remembering Coco Lee : The Talented Singer Who Left a Lasting Powerful Legacy at 48 years only


Coco Lee, a talented Hong Kong singer and songwriter, has tragically passed away at the age of 48. During her impressive career, which spanned nearly three decades, she was best known for her remarkable contribution as the Mandarin-speaking voice of Mulan in Disney’s animated film.

In a heartfelt statement on Facebook and Instagram, Coco’s sisters Carol and Nancy Lee shared the upsetting news that Coco had attempted suicide in her home on Sunday. After the incident, she was in a coma until she passed away on Wednesday at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong.

The sisters expressed their deep sadness when they shared, “We are very sad to have to share this upsetting news. Coco had been struggling with depression for several years, and unfortunately her condition has worsened in recent months.” They added, “Despite Coco’s tireless efforts to seek professional help and fight her depression, it is truly heartbreaking that the darkness within her has taken over.”

Coco Lee received her training in both Hong Kong and the United States, and initially gained recognition and success in the Mandopop scene dominated by Mandarin-language pop music in Hong Kong in the 1990s. She later expanded her repertoire to include Cantonese and English.

The sisters highlighted Coco’s tireless efforts in paving the way for Chinese singers to enter the international music scene and shining a light on the Chinese community. Her passion and perseverance helped open up new opportunities for her Chinese colleagues.

More about Coco Lee

In 2001, Coco gave a riveting performance of the song “A Love Before Time” from Ang Lee’s famous film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

Coco Lee’s artistic journey included the release of 18 studio albums, two live albums and five compilation albums. She also proved her talent in the film industry, starring in notable productions such as Stanley Kwan’s “Hold You Tight,” Lee Sin’s “Master of Everything” and the 2015 film.

Coco Lee, who is known for her captivating live performances, has made headlines throughout her career. In 2011, she celebrated a grand wedding to Canadian billionaire businessman Bruce Rockowitz, an event that became a standout moment of the year. Rockowitz, the former CEO of Hong Kong supply chain company Li & Fung, played an important role in Coco’s life. Coco Lee’s invaluable contributions to the music industry and her vibrant stage presence will be missed by fans and fellow artists alike. Her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come in the upcoming future.Although Lee initially began her career as a Mandopop singer, she later diversified by releasing albums in Cantonese and English throughout her nearly three-decade-long profession. She gained recognition for her commanding vocals and captivating live performances.Furthermore, she became the first Chinese vocalist to achieve success in the American market, and her English track “Do You Want My Love” reached the fourth position on Billboard’s Hot Dance Breakouts chart in December 1999.In 2011, Lee tied the knot with Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian entrepreneur who formerly served as the CEO of the Hong Kong-based supply chain company, Li & Fung.

In Lee’s most recent Instagram post, dated December 31, 2022, she participated multiple images of herself, including tattoos of the terms” affection” and” belief” as well as a snap of what seems to be a drainage bag fixed to her body. “Life appeared unsupportable at times but I embraced the mindset of a’ womanish legionnaire’ to defy them directly without fear,” the caption read. In March, she posted about having to relearn how to walk after witnessing surgery for an old leg injury that was touched off after going overboard during a cotillion practice in October 2022. ” Successful surgery. Despite being in considerable pain and having to recapture the capability to walk, I know I can negotiate it,” she wrote in a Facebook post.” Yes, I’m able and I will!”